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    • Wisla Cracovia-SK Rapid
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      2 1.73
    • Ajax-Vojvodina Novi Sad
      1 1.12
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      2 16.00
    • Francia-Colombia
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      2 8.50
    • Sporting Braga-Maccabi Petah Tikva FC
      1 1.12
      X 8.75
      2 19.00

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    Sports betting at interwetten

    With over 50 sports to choose from and as one of the first bookmakers to take bets online, interwetten has long been the home of Sports Betting.

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    Live sports betting at interwetten Our Live Betting at interwetten gives you the chance to sample the action of a sporting event before deciding on a certain outcome.
    In other words, if you feel a specific contest is too close to call, you can wait for the game to start and wait for a pattern of play to emerge. With a better idea of what might happen and now that you're ready to nail your colours to the mast, you can access our in-play online betting market and place a live bet on the game you’re watching.

     Sports betting for football

    Here at interwetten, we eat sleep, and breathe the beautiful game which is why we’re considered one of the best sports betting sites for Football Betting. If you’re looking for the latest odds for the Premier League or up-to-date prices for the winner of the Saudi Pro League, we’ll have them listed on our football betting page. What’s more, is that we give you the chance to use your encyclopaedic knowledge to place your perfect football bet. Whether it’s goals, corners, cards or both teams to score, we’ll give you the markets to back your hunch.

    Sports betting for tennis

    With over 64 tournaments in 31 countries on the ATP Tour and 70 tournaments in 30 countries on the WTA Tour, tennis has truly become a global phenomenon. At interwetten, we give you the chance to bet on every serve and backhand over the year as the world's best transverse the globe in search of silverware. Indeed, whether it’s the Mallorca Championships or Wimbledon, we’ll have the latest Tennis Betting odds and markets for every event on the ATP and WTA Tours.

    Sports betting for basketball

    At interwetten, we were one of the first sports betting websites to offer Basketball Betting. Needless to say, we’ve seen basketball’s popularity surge in Europe with the sport now one of the biggest on the continent. Today, we allow you to bet on not just the NBA but also the FIBA World Championship, EuroLeague, and various national European leagues. Sports betting for golf Like tennis, golf has also become one of the most global professional sports to be played. The European Tour alone stages 44 tournaments in 24 different countries while the PGA Tour hosts 39 tournaments across the United States.

    We’re one of the best sports betting sites for golf which is you'll be able to find betting odds for all of these tournaments throughout the year. This includes the year's four majors, the Masters, PGA Championship, US Open, and The Open. You can choose between first-round leaders, whether there will be a hole-in-one or who might be the outright winner of a tournament when you access the latest golf markets on the interwetten site.

    Sports betting for ice hockey

    Our passion for ice hockey at interwetten is unmatched, so much so that we’ve teamed up with the National Hockey League (NHL) to become an official sponsor. In other words, if you’re looking for an unrivalled experience on the best betting website for ice hockey then you’ve come to the right place at interwetten. Of course, it’s not just about the bright lights of the NHL at interwetten, we also offer odds on the DEL - otherwise known as the German Hockey League and the World Championship.

    Outright sports betting at interwetten At interwetten, we let you play the long game by betting on the outright winner of a certain competition. So let’s say you want to bet on Bayern Munich to win the Bundesliga or on Max Verstappen to win the Formula One Drivers’ Championship, you’ll be able to place a long-term bet with our extensive outright market. Whether you back a favourite or an outsider, you’ll always find competitive odds in our outright offerings at interwetten.

    Sports betting with our interwetten app

    Have you downloaded our Interwetten App? Our interwetten sports betting app is a must-have if you want to capitalise on the best betting opportunities. Regardless of where you might be, our app allows you to stay on top of the latest developments in the sporting world with a click of a button. So, whatever social setting you might be in, if you see an opportunity to place a live bet, you can do so on our app which hands the power back to you. How do sports betting odds work?

    To understand how sports betting odds work, keep this simple principle in mind; the lower the odds, the more likely a certain result is while the higher the odds, the less likely a specific outcome is. Let’s use the Bundesliga odds as an example. Bayern Munich’s odds of 1/2 to win the Bundesliga title indicate that there is a strong likelihood that the Bavarians will finish at the top of the table at the end of the season. On the other hand, Augsburg’s odds of 50/1 to win the Bundesliga title suggest that it is highly doubtful the Fuggerstadter will clinch the league title. As for how to work out your potential profit from the sports betting odds you choose to bet on, simply multiply your stake by the odds. So let’s say you bet €10 on Bayern Munich to win the Bundesliga at odds of 1/2, you would multiply €10 by 1/2 which would give you a potential profit of €5 if Bayern went all the way. Should your selection be successful then we will pay out instantly.

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    We’re proud to present our new customers with one of the best sports betting offers available in the form of a bonus of up to €100. This bonus applies to not only sports betting but also to our online casino offerings such as Slots.

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    Responsible sports betting at interwetten You might ask what sets us apart as one of the best online betting sports sites in the world? The answer is that it’s not only got to do with the fact that we’re also fans with a burning passion for anything to do with sports. Rather, it is also down to our commitment to ensure responsible gambling for all our clients. We aren’t just paying lip service to this idea as interwetten was a founding member of the European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) when it was launched in 2005.

    This organisation pledges to uphold a thorough set of measures designed to guarantee fair and responsible gaming practices. So, whether you’re gambling on football, tennis, basketball, or golf, we will ensure that your best interests are the main priority. Sports betting with tradition We didn't just become one of the best online betting sites overnight, it has taken years of dedication and hard work to ensure we are one of the go-to sites for betting. Having had a significant head start over the rest of the industry, we’ve had time to see what our clients really value in top sports betting sites. We can safely say that we understand what you’re looking for and can provide what you need on our leading sports betting website. In short, when it comes to betting in sport, we excel in delivering exactly what you're looking for at interwetten.

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